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Corporate Partnerships

Breathe Medical® has been trading for several years, although recently re-branded to adapt to a fast-changing market. We are a healthcare company providing both products (self-designed & resale) and a comprehensive list of sleep apnoea, anti-snoring, and wellness services. Supplying B2C and growing B2B / B2G segments. Breathe Medical® now pursues a proactive growth into the e-commerce sourcing and distribution channels.
We are seeking agents and partners that can supply good quality products/ solutions with minimal lead time. All products must be CE marked and ideally FDA approved also.

Please Note: We do not buy without samples and ongoing quality assurance is fundamental to our working relationships.

Please do not arrive at our offices prospectively, you will need an appointment and we regret that you will not be seen if you simply arrive.

If you believe you have a product, service or other opportunities that would be of interest, please contact us via;

Information required;

  • Who you are.
  • Full company and contact details.
  • Details about the product/ service you believe may be of interest.
  • Relevant time-scales.

Marketing Channels/ Partnerships

Marketing and PR channel partnerships are of interest if a clear (tangibly demonstrated) track-record in the relevant sector can be seen. Poorly targeted, canvassing/ prospecting marketing will not be used.