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Servicing of your device

It is recommended that you have your device cleaned thoroughly every 3-6 months, which should ideally be carried out by a Breathe Medical® clinician to ensure that we have an opportunity to;

  • Check the retention of the device (and adjust if necessary).
  • Polish areas that may have worn or become rough.
  • Provide a deep clean to remove tartar (calculus mineral deposits that contain bacteria).
  • This must be done with care and special materials to avoid damaging the device.
  • Review the function of the device, including (where relevant) checking;
    • Pistons
    • Screws/ nuts/ bolts
    • Tighten/ adjust clasps (to optimise retention)
    • Repair/ replace damaged components (a fee may be chargeable if the repair is not part of the warranty).

Please Note: Please do not try to repair/ service the device yourself and this could damage it, cause harm to your mouth and may void the materials/ manufacture warranty. Ideally, devices should only be reviewed and serviced by a Breathe Medical® clinician.