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Organisational Philosophy


It would be easy to say that we want to make to world a better place; that our success is seen through the lives of those patients who benefit from services and products including individuals, their families, and colleagues. Many other companies would claim this to be their vision also, so what exactly sets Breath Medical® apart from the crowd?

Breathe Medical® is unashamedly biased towards the most cost effective solution for its clients. We do not deal with any single supplier or manufacturer. Instead , we hand pick the products that provide the best service and solution.

Our Vision

To further grow a hugely successful organisation through sound ethics, clear communication and spread the core principle that creativity and commercial success can converge successfully to promote quality and longevity of life. This will continue to occur by listening to our customers as part of our strategy.

Our Mission

Carefully source and then respect our product and service partners in a manner that helps to develop best practice and promotes competition (required for progress and client friendly cost control).
Relish and leverage the challenges and opportunities our clients present to us. We can always improve and complacency has no place in our mission.
Work to the best of our ability to maintain and grow our personal and collective integrity.
We plan to continue our company growth and maintain a focus on delivering healthcare and business solutions that are tailored to our clients.
We believe that it is important that our strategy is adapted to align and take advantage of new developments. We are not in the business of selling limited products. Our long-term strategy is to stay up to date and change the products and services we offer if/ when we believe a change would benefit our patients/ clients.

Our Strategy

The Breath Medical® strategy is defined using continual iteration and disruption of the status quo; to challenge incumbent old-school ideals; seeking to stretch assumptions and existing (assumed) procedures for patient benefit.
Bearing in mind that Healthcare technology, Telemedicine and Wearable Tech (IoT) are some of the most exciting and fastest moving technologies Breathe Medical® understands that it must adapt and carve new market niches quickly and with professional competence.

Our Ethical Policy

  • We enjoy our work and succeed on our merits without being detrimental to others.
  • We are transparent about what we offer.
  • We will adhere to (and in most cases, exceed) regulatory compliance.
  • Support the career journey of our employees and industry partners.

Our Environmental Policy

We believe that environmentally responsible behaviour is often just a case of a little extra thought and a respect for present and future generations of humans, flora and fauna. We would like to be remembered as having a wholly positive impact on our fantastic planet. We will seek to minimise our waste however as a healthcare organisation we are required to sometimes dispose of single use items (rather than recycle). This is done in line with local regulatory legislation and guidelines.
We support paperless administration and record keeping which is usually viable.