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How is snoring treated?

Several treatment options can be considered;

A device (splint) can be fitted in between the teeth and worn whilst you sleep (there are various versions – some which resemble a clear mouth guard and others look like a polished silver framework that fits accurately around the teeth. The devices all work in a similar manner by holding the jaw slightly forwards; bespoke devices can only be fitted by a dentist (or clinical dental technician). These splints are known under a variety of names (due to their functionality);

MAD – Mandibular advancement device
MRD – Mandibular repositioning device
MRA – Mandibular repositioning appliance
MAA – Mandibular advancement appliance
MAS – Mandibular advancement splint
ASD – Anti-snoring device

Obviously, there are also many tradenames for devices and modifications of the above. Most work in a similar fashion but vary in how effective they are. Some are better under specific circumstances than others.

Please Note: So-called ‘Boil-and-Bite’ devices are a perfect example of ‘how you get what you pay for’ they are cheap and are rarely successful. They are poorly tolerated due to the over bulkiness and cheap materials. Most importantly they are not suitable for long-term treatment due to the risk of tooth drift etc..