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The Breathe Medical® Device: Precision

Precise measurements of the jaw relationships and their position with respect the actual joint can be recorded and used to help create a device that is a suitable treatment for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ / TMJD) or indeed earlier symptoms of associated jaw discomfort (prevention is usually better than attempting to cure later). By achieving a balanced jaw relationship, the chronic damage that can occur with jaw problems can be minimised and allow healing to occur.

The reduced load on the jaw muscles also lowers the natural tendency to clench together, especially in patients with Bruxism / Parafunction issues (night tooth-grinding).

As TMJ is often linked to Bruxism, reduction of this issue also promotes better sleep (due to promotion of jaw muscle relaxation) and reduces the potential disturbance to sleeping partners.


The Breathe Medical® Device: Warranty

The forces which occur in Bruxism are incredibly high. This combined with the fact that comfortable use and tolerance require a minimal bulk device, means that there is a risk of damage to the device. There is no device available on the market (at time of writing) that can guarantee to survive the intra-oral forces indefinitely.

We do offer a warranty of one year against manufacturing defects (which will be reviewed by the manufacturer).